Trombone Sprayer

Trombone Sprayer


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Additional Information

Trombone Sprayer Reaches Up To 25 Feet!

  • Apply sprays to trees and vines
  • Get complete, even coverage
  • Nozzle adjusts from fine mist to long-distance stream

Now you can easily apply sprays to trees and tall vines. Using a dual-action manual pump, the Trombone Sprayer applies a continuous spray for complete and even coverage. Simply mix the solution you want to spray in a bucket, insert the end of the 6' leader hose, and pump the 23" long trombone to draw up the solution. A brass cone nozzle adjusts from fine mist to long distance stream. In addition to applying sprays, the Trombone Sprayer is also handy for dispensing water, as well as house maintenance jobs such as cleaning siding.

Product Details

  • Steel, PVC hose, nylon filter, nickle-plated brass pump and nozzle
  • 23" trombone pump, 6' hose, 2" strainer end