Triple Tube Birdfeeder

Triple Tube Birdfeeder


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Additional Information

Exclusive | One Birdfeeder, Three Types of Seed

  • Attract more species by offering different types of seed
  • Outer grid lets small birds dine in peace
  • Durable and long-lasting, with metal perches and polycarbonate tubes

Offer birds a buffet and you’ll attract a wider variety of species. This feeder has three polycarbonate tubes that you can fill with different types of birdseed, and because they're clear, it's easy to see when they need refilling. An outer metal grid discourages squirrels and large "bully" birds. Six metal perches invite communal dining, and the large roof lifts off for easy filling. The hanging cord locks the roof in place, helping to keep squirrels out. Drainage holes in tray keep seed dry.

Product Details

  • Steel, polycarbonate, aluminum alloy
  • 9" in diameter x 16-1/2" H
  • Each tube holds one quart of seed
  • Built-in 6-1/2" L hanging cord
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive