Tick Tubes®, Set of 6

Tick Tubes®, Set of 6


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Additional Information

Tick Tubes® Help Prevent Lyme Disease

  • Reduce your exposure to Lyme disease by up to 90%
  • Environmentally friendly way to kill ticks before they spread disease
  • Set of six tubes treats 1/8 acre

Tick Tubes help minimize your chance of exposure to Lyme disease by up to 90%, by killing deer ticks before they have a chance to spread the disease to you or your pets. The cardboard tubes contain cotton that’s been treated with permethrin. Simply place the tubes in mouse habitat — brushy areas, ground covers, stone walls. When mice collect the cotton for their nests the permethrin is transferred to their fur. Deer ticks that feed on mice in spring and late summer are exposed to the permethrin and killed before they can spread the disease. Set of 6 tubes treats 5,500 sq. ft.

Product Details

  • Cardboard, cotton, permethrin
  • Each tube measures 1-1/2" in diameter x 5-3/4" L


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