Tension Relief Wrap

Tension Relief Wrap


Item# 37-228

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Additional Information

Shoulder Relief Wrap

  • Relaxes and soothes tight, sore muscles in neck and shoulders
  • Provides 30 minutes of relaxing heat
  • Can also be chilled in the freezer
  • Unscented.

Shoulders and necks are a classic place for tension to accumulate. Relax tight muscles and relieve tension with your choice of moist heat, dry heat, or cold pack. Our microwaveable neck wrap is filled with rice and flaxseed, and drapes comfortably over your shoulders, providing instant relief.

Product Details

  • Cover is washable polyester chenille
  • Insert is rice and flaxseed
  • 15-1/2 W x 14" D
  • Back is 8" from neck down
  • Imported
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive