Square Foot Gardening Book

Square Foot Gardening Book


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The All New Square Foot Gardening Book, by Mel Bartholomew

  • An ideal resource for planning raised bed gardens
  • Grow more fresh produce in less space
  • Save on weeding and watering

The original edition of Square Foot Gardening was the most popular gardening book in America ever, with more than one million copies sold! In this timely sequel to his original book, Mel reveals ten major improvements to the SFG system that make it even easier to get an abundant harvest of fresh and delicious, home-grown veggies. You’ll discover how planting your garden in one-square-foot blocks saves space, saves weeding, saves water and saves time. Saves on grocery bills, too! Best of all? The SFG system really works! Whether you’re a first time gardener or a seasoned expert, you’ll be amazed by the quantity and quality of food you can produce in your own square foot garden.

Product Details

  • Softcover, 272 pages
  • 7" W x 10" H x 3/4" thick
  • Published by Cool Springs Press