The Sprout House

The Sprout House


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The Small but Productive Sprout House

Start seeds the easy way in this environmentally friendly, self-contained mini greenhouse. The size of an egg carton, it fits easily onto a sunny windowsill. A dozen biodegradable, 1-3/4" pots rest securely within. Simply place two of the included Wonder Soil wafers in each cup and add warm water; wafers will expand to fill the pots. Plant your own seeds, replace the cover, and watch seeds sprout.

  • A fun and easy gardening project for kids and adults!
  • Includes container with 12 transplantable coir cups plus 12 refills; 24 expanding Wonder Soil wafers and 24 refills

Product Details

  • Recycled plastic and natural coir fiber
  • 12" L x 4" W x 3-1/4 H overall