SeedHoop Birdseed Catcher


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Additional Information

Seed Hoop Catches Up To 90% of Spilled Seed!

  • More seed for birds, less on the ground
  • Prevents area beneath feeder from rotting seeds, weeds, and damage to grass
  • Helps keep birds safe from ground predators

Birds scatter seeds when they're feeding, wasting seeds and making a mess underneath the feeder. The clever Seed Hoop birdseed catcher intercepts those seeds before they hit the ground. This makes more seed available to birds, minimizes the mess on the ground, and reduces a food source for rodents. It also provides another feeding level for birds that prefer platform feeders, such as cardinals and juncos. Durable, lightweight and easy to attach, it straps to your bird feeder with six cords, each 36" long, and adapts to most hanging bird feeders. The wind guard saves even more seed. The frame is made of lightweight and flexible tempered steel wire, so the Seed Hoop can be twist-folded and collapsed to 1/3 its size for easy storage.

Product Details

  • Vinyl-coated fiberglass mesh, steel wire, polyester, nylon
  • 24" in diameter x 1" H
  • Hanging cords are 36" L
  • Imported