Rootrainer™, Compact

Rootrainer™, Compact


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Additional Information

Rootrainer ™ Seedstarters Encourage Healthy Root Growth

  • Grooved growing cells promote healthy, downward root growth
  • Roots don't spiral, so seedlings transplant better than pot-bound seedlings
  • Growing cells hinge so it's easy to remove plants without disturbing roots

Rootrainer seedstarters have grooved cells that promote downward root growth and discourage spiraling, yielding deep-rooted seedlings that transplant easily and adapt quickly to the garden. Cells are 1-1⁄2" square at the top, and they hinge so you can monitor root growth and remove plants without disturbing roots. Made from plastic; may be reused. The Compact Rootrainer has 20 cells and includes a tray with drainage holes and a clear greenhouse cover.

Product Details

  • Plastic
  • 8" L x 7" W x 3" H overall with 20 1-1/2" square x 3-1⁄2"H cells
  • Includes a tray with drainage holes and a clear greenhouse cover
  • Reusable