Patio Dripper Kit without Timer

Patio Dripper Kit without Timer


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Dripper Kit for Patio Plants

If your busy schedule keeps you from watering your patio plants every day, this Patio Dripper Kit will help protect your container plants from drought. It includes everything you need to tend up to 20 potted plants: 75 feet of tubing, slow-release water drippers and a pressure regulator.

  • An economical way to keep potted plants watered
  • Includes tubing, water drippers and pressure regulator
  • Tends up to 20 medium pots
  • For even greater ease of use, order our Patio Dripper Kit with Automatic Timer

    Product Details

  • Includes 75 feet of tubing, 20 drippers, support stakes, and pressure regulator
  • Complete instructions included