Transplant Fertilizer Kit

Transplant Fertilizer Kit


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Transplant Insurance for Shrubs, Roses, Perennials and Trees

  • Gives plants a triple boost to ensure they get off to a strong start
  • Reduces transplant shock at planting time
  • Tested in gardens across the country with amazing results!
  • Each kit treats two 1-gallon pots or one 2- to 3-gallon nursery pot

Transplanting a shrub, rose, perennial or tree from a nursery pot into the garden can cause stress to the plant until it adapts to its new environment. Our Transplant Fertilizer Kit reduces this stress with a triple benefit that helps plants acclimate quickly. Bio-Tone® Starter Plus, with a guaranteed 4-3-3 NPK, plus calcium, magnesium, and sulfur, provides vital nutrients necessary for healthy growth. Stress-X is a seaweed extract that stimulates growth, boosts the plant's natural resistance to both disease and insect attack, and reduces plant stress in challenging environmental conditions. Eco-Co Coir, made from earth-friendly coconut husks, improves the soil's ability to retain water during dry spells, and also helps it drain better after heavy rains.

Our Transplant Fertilizer Kit received rave reviews by our product testers, located in a variety of climates across the country. They found that roses planted with the kit were healthier and had more impressive blooms than roses planted without it.

Each kit treats two 1-gallon pots or one 2- to 3-gallon nursery pot.


  • One packet (5 oz.) of Bio-Tone Starter Plus
  • One packet (10 grams) of ​​Stress-X
  • One brick of Eco-co Coir Potting Mix (expands to 10 quarts)

Product Details

  • One 5-oz packet of Bio-Tone Starter Plus: Guaranteed analysis 4-3-3 NPK plus calcium, magnesium, and sulfur
  • One 10-gram packet of ​​Stress-X: Extract of Ascophyllum nodosom seaweed
  • One brick of Eco-co Coir Potting Mix: horticultural grade coconut coir
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