Manual Tiller

Manual Tiller


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Ergonomic Manual Tiller Easily Loosens Soil

If you've ever used a shovel to turn over clumps of soil or struggled with a noisy, hard-to-control tiller to prepare a planting bed, you'll appreciate this innovative manual tiller. It lets you loosen soil from a standing position, using the strength of your whole body instead of just your lower back. Simply step the stirrup into the soil and turn the handle, and the arrowhead-tipped tines break up the soil.

  • Ergonomic tiller loosens soil and breaks up clumps
  • Uses the strength of your whole body, not just your arms
  • Cultivated soil absorbs water and nutrients better than compacted soil

Product Details

  • All-steel construction with hardened steel tines and padded handle
  • 40" L overall
  • Four 5-inch tines and two 3-inch tines

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