Ready-to-Spray Fertilizer

Ready-to-Spray Fertilizer


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Additional Information

Organic Fertilizer Has Hose-End Applicator

  • Easily fertilize plants while you water!
  • Concentrated organic fertilizer is automatically diluted to the proper level
  • Perfect for foliar feeding — spray on leaves and plants take up the nutrients through their foliage

This organic, fish-based fertilizer has a guaranteed analysis of 4-4-1 and is so easy to apply through the hose-end applicator. Just attach to your garden hose and the fertilizer is diluted and applied as you water. Apply directly to the root zone or to foliage for uptake through the leaves. A lever on the container lets you switch between fertilizer and plain water, without the need for removing the container. Apply every other week during the growing season to give plants the boost of nutrients they need for optimum growth. One quart concentrate covers 3000 square feet.

Product Details

  • Derived from hydrolyzed fish
  • N-P-K analysis: 4-4-1
  • One quart covers 3000 square feet
  • Certified organic and OMRI-listed
  • Apply every two weeks
  • International delivery is not available for this item