Jaz™ Rose Spray

Jaz™ Rose Spray

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Jaz™ Rose Spray, 4.4 Oz. Concentrate
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Jaz™ Rose Spray, 16 Oz. Concentrate
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Grow Healthier, More Beautiful Roses

  • Improve your roses' natural ability to tolerate heat, drought and other stresses
  • Encourage more vigorous growth and abundant blooms
  • A safe and effective plant strengthener
  • Choice of two sizes

Jaz is a safe and eco-friendly way to grow healthier, more beautiful roses. It acts by strengthening the plants' immune systems so they are better able to withstand drought, extreme temperatures and other environmental stresses. Jaz contains a natural plant-strengthening substance called methyl dihydrojasmonate (MDHJ). This substance is related to the jasmonate compounds naturally found in plants and is named from the jasmine plant where jasmonates were originally identified. When MDHJ is applied to foliage, plants produce natural defense compounds including antioxidants, phenolics and protective proteins. MDHJ also promotes long-lasting blooms and helps reduce foliage yellowing. Spray roses two to four times a month for up to eight months.

Product Details
  • 0-0.15-0.11 NPK plus jasmonate (methyl dihydrojasmonate, MDHJ)
  • Concentrate; use 3 tablespoons per quart of water
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