Insect Netting with Hoops

Insect Netting with Hoops


Item# 40-336

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Additional Information

All-in-One Pest Control Tunnel for Fast, Chemical-Free Insect Control

  • Fine mesh protects plants from insects, birds, deer and rabbits
  • Also shields plants from harsh weather and drying winds
  • Wire hoops are sewn into netting; sets up in just minutes

You'll love how this insect netting comes ready to use in your garden — complete with support hoops. Just position the finely woven mesh tunnel over vulnerable plants to prevent damage from cucumber beetles, squash bugs, potato beetles — even deer and bunnies. Reflective silver threads repel aphids. Nearly instant pest control! Slide fabric up the hoop to tend and harvest. Reusable; folds flat for easy off-season storage.

Product Details

  • Nylon and steel
  • 9'-8" L x 2'-1" W x 1'-8" H installed
  • Imported