Havahart Squirrel Trap

Havahart Squirrel Trap


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Additional Information

Prevent Squirrels from Damaging Your Home

  • Prevent costly damage to your home
  • Trap pests humanely
  • Designed by professional trappers
  • Comes fully assembled and ready to use
  • Check with local wildlife officials for regulations concerning trapping and releasing nuisance animals

The antics of squirrels are fun to watch, but they can also cause real trouble in your garden and home. Outdoors, they raid bird feeders and dig up newly planted bulbs. They'll also gnaw their way into your home, damaging walls and insulation and posing a fire hazard if they chew on electrical wires. The Havahart® trap is a humane way to catch and relocate these rodent intruders. Bait it with peanut butter and when a squirrel enters, the spring-loaded door closes automatically. Also good for trapping rabbits, skunks and similar-sized nuisance animals.

Product Details

  • Rust-resistant galvanized wire mesh and steel
  • 7" H x 7" W x 17" L
  • Made in USA