Germinating Mix, 9 Qts.

Germinating Mix, 9 Qts.


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Additional Information

Exclusive | Ask Any Gardener: Our Seed Starting Mix is the Best You Can Buy

  • Well-drained blend is the ideal planting mix for seed starting
  • Wicks moisture at the optimal rate for seedlings
  • Balanced pH, with trace minerals for healthy plant growth

Our professional Germinating Mix is a finely textured blend of sphagnum peat and vermiculite that is pH-adjusted. It also contains trace minerals to stimulate root growth. It's ideal for any type of seed starting system. 9-quart bag.

Product Details

  • Contains sphagnum peat, vermiculite and trace minerals
  • 9-quart bag weighs approx. 4 pounds
  • One bag fills 4 APS-24s or APS-40s, 8 APS-12s, or 1 APS-6
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive