Gardener's Revolution® Planter


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Additional Information

A Revolutionary Planter for Tomatoes — New and Improved for 2010!

Upside-down growing has become increasingly popular with tomato lovers. It removes the need for staking, tying or weeding, and it significantly reduces the chance of soil-borne disease. Since the fruit doesn't touch the ground, it has fewer blemishes, and you can hang your planter anywhere that gets plenty of sun.

Our Gardener's Revolution® Planter has a unique top-down watering system that delivers the right amount of moisture to the soil. The new, woven-poly liner opens up for planting, then zips shut — you won't injure the plant trying to push it through a hole. The liner is also air-permeable to aerate roots and prevent heat build-up. An improved, two-part powder-coated steel cage encloses the liner, and the planter hangs from our unique swivel hook that makes it a breeze to turn your plant.

Even if you have a regular garden, you'll find that this revolutionary growing system is a fun way to get a picture-perfect harvest of delicious, homegrown tomatoes.

  • Breathable, zippered liner for easy planting
  • Reusable, 2-part steel cage
  • Includes planting tips from our own test gardens
  • Have fresh, homegrown tomatoes at your fingertips
  • No weeds, no pests, no cages and now easier to plant!
  • Also grows peppers, cucumbers and eggplants
  • Does not include soil — we recommend Self-Watering Container Mix and Organic Tomato Fertilizer
  • The Four-Arm Plant Hanger, sold separately, is an ideal support
  • Take the guesswork out of watering with the AquaScale, sold separately

Product Details

  • Sturdy polyethylene-coated steel cage with soft synthetic fabric liner
  • Planter is 8" diameter x 16" H
  • Holds 17 quarts of container mix
  • 1-gallon water reservoir and capillary matting
  • Swivel chain and hook
  • Liner is imported
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive