Water Bubbler with Flow Control

Water Bubbler with Flow Control


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Additional Information

Exclusive | Water Bubbler with Flow Control Provides Deep, Gentle Soaking

  • Ideal for applying deep watering to small areas
  • Minimizes runoff and erosion
  • Includes water flow control lever

Apply a gentle soaking to the soil under trees and shrubs without washing away mulch or causing erosion. Also handy for watering the soil around delicate plants that could be damaged by direct spray. You can adjust the water flow with the flow control lever, and turn off the water so you can move the bubbler without wasting this precious resource.

Product Details

  • Aluminum, ABS plastic, thermal plastic rubber, zinc
  • Bubbler is 3-1/4" in diameter x 3-3/4" L
  • Holes are 1/8" in diameter
  • Flow control is 3-3/4" L
  • On/off lever is 1-1/4" L
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive