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French Door Screens



Reversible French Door Screen, 60”
Item# 36-562

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Reversible French Door Screen, 72”
Item# 36-563

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Top-Quality Hands-Free French Door Screen Locks Bugs Out

  • Tough, fine-weave fiberglass mesh keeps bugs out, lets breezes, kids and pets through
  • Covers the entire width of French or double patio doors
  • Installs in minutes without tools and adjusts to open on either right or left side
  • Available in two widths

For a fraction of the cost of a permanent screen door, these self-closing bug barrier screens will keep bugs out of your house all summer, and store out of the way at season’s end. Magnetic tabs sewn along the center opening close the screen after you, so it’s impossible to leave it open by mistake. Its quality is far superior to other models, with tough, fine-weave fiberglass mesh that keeps bugs out, while allowing kids, pets and cool breezes through.

Product Details
  • Made of sturdy fiberglass mesh
  • 60" is adjustable to fit doorways 59-61"
  • 72" is adjustable to fit doorways 70-71"
  • Length adjusts from 78-80" H
  • Screen adjusts to open on either right or left side
  • Attaches with a tension rod at the top and Velcro™ strips at sides: will not damage doorframe
  • Imported