Food Dehydrator

Food Dehydrator


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Food Dehydrator Easily Preserves the Flavors of Summer

  • Preserve homegrown produce and farmer's market finds
  • Dried foods are easy to make, easy to store
  • Buy local, buy in season, buy in bulk and save!

One of the oldest methods of food preservation, drying is the simplest and least time-consuming way to preserve fruits, vegetables and herbs, and it yields easy-to-store, nutrient-dense foods for year-round use. Save money, too, by making your own dried tomatoes, cherries, cranberries, herbs and more — without preservatives or artificial colors. This dehydrator has five stackable, adjustable trays that accommodate a variety of fruits and vegetables, plus one herb tray and two liners for making fruit roll-ups, plus mesh for making jerky. A 300-watt motor provides low, even heat and a fan circulates air for fast, even, efficient drying. Much easier and more reliable than air- or oven-drying. Includes instructions and recipes.

Product Details

  • Plastic
  • 13-1/4" in diameter x 8" H overall
  • 3' power cord
  • 300-watt motor