Florida Weave Tomato Trellis Kit

Florida Weave Tomato Trellis Kit


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Additional Information

Exclusive | Florida Weave Tomato Trellis Kit is an Economical Way to Support Tomato Plants

  • Easy and economical way to support tomato plants
  • Get a bigger, cleaner harvest by keeping plants up off the ground
  • Ideal for shorter determinate tomato varieties

Keeping tomato plants upright ensures a bigger harvest of clean fruit and minimizes pest and disease problems. Many commercial growers use the "Florida weave" to train tomatoes because it’s quick to install and easy to maintain. Our version creates two support systems that each hold two tomato plants, or one longer support system for a row of tomatoes. The kit includes four 54" plastic-coated steel posts, four ground stakes and 325' of natural jute twine. Install the posts, and then weave the twine around and between plants, starting at the bottom and adding more twine as plants grow. You’ll love the end-of-season cleanup, too: just remove the stakes, pull up the plants and toss them, twine and all, into the compost pile. Best for shorter determinate varieties.

Product Details

  • Plastic-coated tubular steel stakes, bamboo and jute twine
  • Four posts, each 54" H x 7/8" in diameter
  • Four 10-1/2" L plastic ground stakes and 325' of jute twine
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive