Flat Soaker Hose

Flat Soaker Hose


Item# 37-904

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Additional Information

Watering Restrictions? This Soaker Hose Meets the Challenge

  • Quench thirsty plants without wasting water
  • Simple to use: place on level ground and cover with soil or mulch
  • Flexible and easy to arrange to fit your garden's layout
  • High water pressure? Add our Pressure Regulator for uniform water flow

This seeping, weeping Flat Soaker Hose delivers water where it's needed — at the root zone. A slow, gentle soaking prevents run-off and minimizes evaporation to save water. Nylon-coated PVC mesh hose is durable and flexible to match the curves of your garden. Designed to work at low water pressure, so you'll need a pressure regulator if the pressure at your outdoor faucet is more than 10 PSI.

Product Details

  • Nylon-coated PVC mesh
  • 1-1/4" W x 50' L
  • For uniform water flow, we recommend adding a pressure regulator
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee