Dual Solar Spotlights


Item# 38-622

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Additional Information

World's Brightest Double Solar Spotlights

  • Brilliant, solar-powered spotlight is bright enough to use as a floodlight
  • Most durable, seamless, weatherproof solar spotlight on the market
  • Lights from dusk to dawn on a full day's charge
  • Easy to install; no wiring or extension cords needed

Our Ultra-Bright Double Solar Spotlights are not only brighter than any other solar lights on the market, they also outshine many low-voltage lights. Yet high light output is just part of the story. These lights are superior in every way to the one-season lights you see elsewhere. The anodized aluminum housing is seamless and weather-tight, and won’t crack like plastic casing. The circuitry is soldered by hand, and every unit is tested before it leaves the factory. We’ve also fitted them with new high-capacity batteries that keep them shining even after several cloudy days. Environmentally-friendly NiMH battery pack; cool white LEDs never need replacing.

Product Details

  • Lights are 6-1/2" L, panel is 6-3/4" square
  • Each light has 6 bright white LEDs
  • Total light output is 57 lux measured at a distance of 4 feet (5.3 footcandles)
  • 15-foot cord from each light to the solar panel
  • Panel can be placed up to 15 feet away from lights for optimal placement in full sun