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Ultimate Cold Frame
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Cold Frame without Cover
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Shade Cover for Cold Frame
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Exclusive | Cold Frame Extends the Growing Season

  • Start gardening earlier and extend the harvest in fall
  • Woven poly insulating cover has vents and insect netting
  • Shade cover protects plants from intense sun
  • Ultimate Cold Frame includes frame and woven poly cover; frame and shade cover also sold individually

For avid vegetable gardeners, winter lasts too long and fall frosts come too early. These new cold frame components let you stretch your growing season and harvest more healthy, home-grown produce. Designed to fit over our 71-1/2" L x 57-1/4" W Cedar Raised Bed with 27 square feet of growing space, the 3-season covers are supported by a sturdy 36-1/2" high enameled steel frame that fits right into the raised bed corners. In spring and fall, use the frame with the insulating greenhouse cover. Made of woven polyethylene, it has a large access door on each side and two roll-up gable vents, all with 2-way zippers. Insect netting covers the doors and vents, and zips open for accessibility.

During warm weather, replace the greenhouse cover with the optional woven polypropylene Shade Cover, sold separately. It protects plants from the stress of excess sun and heat and attaches securely to the frame with hook and loop tabs. We also offer the Frame and Shade Cover individually for warm climate gardens.

Product Details
  • Enameled steel frame
  • Imported woven polyethylene fabric
  • 71-1/2" L x 57-1/4" W x 36" H
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive
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