*Set of 6 pairs, all one size, colors will vary.
Set of 6 pairs, all one size, colors will vary.

Factory Second Nitrile Gloves, 6 Pairs


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Additional Information

Factory Second Nitrile Gloves, 6 Assorted Pairs

We are offering these gloves as Factory Seconds at a reduced price because our quality inspection found manufacturing defects. On some gloves, the nitrile coating has caused the gloves to stick together, so that separating the gloves causes the nitrile coating to peel off in some places. However, the gloves are still useful for gardening, painting and other household tasks. Also, the fit is a bit looser than our first-quality nitrile gloves. Sold as a set of six pairs, all one size; we choose the color(s). Sold as is; all sales are final

  • A tough pair of gloves for hardworking hands!
  • Palms and fingers are coated with flexible, puncture-resistant nitrile
  • Unisex sizes X-Small through X-Large

Don't be fooled by their lightweight appearance — these work gloves are tough as nails. Whether you're spreading compost, planting seeds or weeding, they'll keep your hands comfortable, clean and dry. The palms and fingers are coated with nitrile, an extremely tough yet thin and flexible material that can withstand punctures and even small thorns. Throw them in the wash when your work is done.

Product Details

  • Factory seconds; sold as is
  • Breathable nylon knit liner with nitrile coating
  • Machine-washable; air dry
  • Unisex sizes
  • Imported