Bulb Insurance

Bulb Insurance

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Bulb Insurance
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Bulb Insurance Plus
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Protect Your Bulbs from Burrowing Pests

  • Protect your flowering bulbs from burrowing rodents

Voles, mice, and squirrels have a particular fondness for tender spring flower bulbs. You can discourage these pests from dining on your tulips, hyacinths and crocuses by sprinkling in some all-natural Bulb Insurance when you plant. Made from coarsely-ground oyster shells, Bulb Insurance forms a sharp-edged barrier that burrowing rodents will think twice before crossing. To repel pests and promote brilliant color in one easy step, try Bulb Insurance Plus. It's a mixture of ground oyster shells and all-natural fertilizer that we developed with help from some of the nation's leading bulb suppliers.

Product Details
  • Each 5-lb. bag protects up to 80 bulbs
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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