Beneficial Bumblebee House

Beneficial Bumblebee House


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Additional Information

Exclusive | Bumblebee House Invites Nature's Pollinators to Your Garden

  • Invite beneficial pollinating bumblebees to take up residence
  • Designed for the specific needs of bumblebees
  • Attractive, durable design combined with functionality and convenience

One of nature's most valuable pollinators, bumblebees need a warm, dry place to overwinter. This house is a cozy shelter with smart features for the bees. It has two chambers, one for the queen and one for the worker bees; screens provide good ventilation. Includes raw cotton nesting material, too. Lift the removable top, and a clear plastic panel lets you observe the bees' behavior. Place it in the garden in full or partial shade.

Product Details

  • Fir protected with eco-friendly preservative and oil stain, Plexiglas
  • 8" W x 6" D x 12-3/4" H
  • Place the house in full or partial shade so the entrance hole is 4" to 10" off the ground
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive
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