Ant Bait Station

Ant Bait Station


Item# 40-455

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Additional Information

Summer-Long Ant Control

  • Kit includes two stations and enough bait for a full season
  • Professional method keeps property ant-free for months
  • Safely kills both the colony and the queen
  • Please note: This bait is not effective on fire ants

This low toxicity, borax-based ant control system includes 32 ounces of bait — a whole summer's worth — plus two bait reservoirs that are weather-proof, spill-proof, and pet-safe. It's the same type of ant control system professionals use, at a fraction of the cost. Simply locate them around the perimeter of your house. Effective on sugar-feeding and protein-feeding ants, harvester ants, carpenter ants, even cockroaches.

Product Details

  • Kit includes two stations and 32 ounces of bait
  • Borax bait is low toxicity
  • Refill bait every 4 to 5 months